You want a company that manages your center and spends dollars like you would. Someone knowledgeable on current pricing and trends in shopping centers that prioritizes your property’s needs. Our team works directly with vendors and contractors to secure the best price for the best work and still bring the project in on budget.

At Quine our style is “hands on” as each agent walks the roofs and personally visits the tenants of the properties they are assigned. Our feeling is you cannot manage a property from a desk. After 43 years of managing retail properties we’ve learned that clients do not like surprises. We have accomplished this for our clients through preventative maintenance, budget forecasting, and getting the right contractor for the job. When it comes to accounting or reporting we have the ability to tailor your reports to your needs. Most of our reports are processed from the Yardi software package and meets the standards required by lenders. Quine’s collection efforts are no different in that we approach each opportunity with the aggressiveness it takes or the soft touch that’s needed to resolve the issue.

Be assured that if you choose Quine to manage your center it will get the attention it deserves.